Baptism by Fire

Part One, Chapter One: The Hunt Begins

First Session

Chapter One began with the Coterie called to the Basilica of Saint Mary for a territory-wide meeting. At this meeting it became clear that the Primogen Circle is divided into two factions. Those standing with Rebecca Lovelace, the Archbishop, were Micah, Caius, and Tama Oshiro; those standing apart from her were Brenna Foley, Rowan Tate, and Simon Elcott. Aaron Nash seemed to stand apart from either faction.

The meeting consisted in an announcement and a vow of fealty. Rebecca announced to the gathered Kindred that her friend and ally, Isaac Kerr, had been killed during the previous day – his haven had been burned, catching him in it. As a replacement, Rebecca named Anne Brown to be the new regent of the North-West Outlay, and Anne swore fealty to Rebecca in a blood ritual. After the meeting, the Coterie was approached by Brenna Foley and Micah. Brenna told Cassandra that she suspected the Archbishop of orchestrating Kerr’s demise. Micah told the entire group that he was going into hiding with the Archbishop, and that the Coterie was responsible for patrolling the North-West Prefecture, their domain.

Upon leaving the Basilica, the Coterie noticed a black van leaving the scene. Investigation revealed that there were two of these vans patrolling their domain.

During the first night the Coterie split up twice. Sylvia and Christian went to investigate the burned haven of Isaac Kerr, while Nyah went to meet with Rowan Tate and Aaron Nash, Cassandra went to meet with Brenna Foley, and Marcus went to meet with Simon Elcott. From Rowan, Brenna, and Aaron, Nyah and Cassandra learned that a resistance faction composed of Brenna Foley, Rowan Tate, Aaron Nash, and Simon Elcott had come to fear that the Archbishop was becoming increasingly fanatical. Isaac Kerr had come to fear the same, and had been secretly meeting with the resistance faction – this, they believed, was why Rebecca had had him killed. (Of course, they have no proof…) Cassandra and Nyah both declared their allegiance with the resistance. Meanwhile, Marcus found Simon tight-lipped.

From Kerr’s burned haven Sylvia and Christian recovered a charred door-knob. They brought it back to the rest of the Coterie when they met at First Avenue, and by using the Spirit’s Touch Nyah was able to see that the vans were occupied by human hunters tricked out in full SWAT gear. These hunters broke into Kerr’s haven during daylight hours, slaughtered his ghoul guards, and burned the building to the ground. Having learned this, Christian and Sylvia went looking for Rebecca and Micah – neither was anywhere to be found. Also not to be found was Caius.

At this point the Coterie spilt up for the second time, and this is when Marcus went back to investigate Kerr’s haven. This proved to be a mistake, as the hunters found him there. Failing to notice that he was being followed, Marcus led the hunters back to his own haven and went to ground without having fed. Upon awakening he was attacked with crossbow and machete – since he had no Vitae to spare he was hampered in his ability to flee or to fight, and he was beaten unconscious and staked. Fortunately for him, the rest of the Coterie spent the first half of the night searching for the vans, and finally found one at midnight. Again fortunately, it was transporting the staked body of their compatriot back to Saint Mark’s Catholic Church, just inside the South-East Prefecture.

After a preliminary investigation, during which Nyah used astral projection to scout ahead, the Coterie attacked the two hunters. Sylvia entranced one into withdrawing from the fight, but the battle was tense until Christian’s ghoul retainer, Mr. Hudson, entered the fray with a shotgun. Claiming victory, the Coterie recovered Marcus, removed the stake from his heart, and allowed him to feed on the injured hunter. The entranced hunter was questioned and the Coterie learned that the hunters considered themselves servants of God – they had been called into the Twin Cities by the mortal Bishop headquartered at the Basilica of Saint Mary, Father Benjamin Kent. It was Kent who had informed the hunters of the location of Kerr’s hideout, the only haven location the hunters were given. Searching the vans revealed weapons, body armor, and computers, as well as Bibles and rosaries. The Coterie disposed of the dead hunter’s corpse in the Mississippi, the van in a lake, and held the still-entranced hunter captive, taking him back to a hotel room.

Chapter One ended with the Coterie reunited at the hotel with a captive hunter, a few leads, and more questions than answers…



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