Baptism by Fire

Part One, Chapter Two: Into the Fray

Second Session

The Coterie began the night of October 4th at their anonymous hotel room in Rowan’s domain. Within an hour of awakening, Sylvia was called by Micah and told to meet him and Rebecca Lovelace at her penthouse, and to bring Christian Starbuck along. While they visited the Archbishop, Cassandra and Marcus patrolled, searching for vans. They found none.

Nyah Abidemi, meanwhile, examined the laptop from the van that Cassandra had sunk in a lake. On the computer Nyah found some interesting details. The Hunters were part of a conspiracy, members of a group known as “The Brothers of Saint Gregory.” They were called to the Twin Cities by the mortal Bishop, Benjaimin Kent, who told them the location of Isaac Kerr’s Haven. Finally, she found plans for a bar in the North-West Prefecture called Tootie’s.

At the Penthouse haven of Rebecca Lovelace, Sylvia had a surprise. One of her few remaining descendants, Alexandra Kristov, had been Embraced by Rebecca. Rebecca told the pair that she knew all about Cassandra and Nyah’s rebellion, and that she expected Christian and Sylvia to keep an eye on them. She also ordered them to continue hunting the Hunters, and she sent Alexandra along to keep Sylvia honest.

The group met back at the hotel, and left to go to the First Avenue Elysium. They left Frank Peretti, the captive hunter, tied up, unconscious, and guarded by a German Shepherd Cassandra had set to the task. Finding no vampires at First Avenue, the Coterie proceeded to Tootie’s, where things would become violent.

After extensive reconnaissance of the bar, the group stole weapons from the second van, parked nearby, and raided the bar. They killed three patrons and the bartender execution-style, as well as the cook. Cassandra and Nyah confirmed that the hunters were hiding in the basement, behind some sort of ward. Neglecting to search the stairwell, the group sent Alexandra straight into a fire trap, which she triggered. A bit of quick thinking – and a resisted frenzy – had her grabbing a fire extinguisher before the bar went up in flames. The fire extinguisher was also used to obscure the ward, allowing the group access to the basement.

In the basement the group discovered a number of things. They found Benjamin Kent bound in a corner. They found a passageway into the Labyrinth, into which they pursued the hunters. After a short battle the Coterie took the upper hand, killing two of the hunters and kidnapping a third.

They fled the scene as sirens approached.



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