Baptism by Fire

Part Two, Chapter One: Meet the New Boss

Fourth Session

Part Two, Chapter One began with the Coterie leaving the Basilica only to be ambushed by Hunters. They soon learned, however, that the Hunters were not, in fact, hunting them—the Hunters were hunting a vampire gang known as the Lords of Blood. Of course, they only learned this after killing a couple more Hunters! The Coterie also learned that a numer of suspicious murders occurred during the riots, and that, apparently, vampires were feeding in their domain without permission… and perhaps even turning new kindred. This is an issue that Sylvia, the new Regent, will need to address.

After they dealt with the Hunters outside the Basilica, the Coterie attended an Elysium event at the Warehouse District Art-houses, an event intended to introduce the territory‘s new rulers. The Lords of Blood had decided to make their presence known at the same event, however. This turned out to be a serious mistake on the part of the gang’s leader, Gustov. The Coterie, backed by other Kindred, made short work of the bikers. This removed any doubt that the Coterie does, in fact, rule the Twin Cities.

In addition, Francis La Croix, the new North East Outlay Regent and Ordo Dracul Elder, has invited both Cassandra and Nyah to consult the library of Aaron Nash, which La Croix, Nash’s pupil, has inherited. Finally, Nyah has not begun to bind Anne Brown, and even seems to be sympathetic to her plight.



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