Baptism by Fire

Part Two, Chapter Two: Beyond the Fire

Fifth Session

When the Coterie awoke on the night of October 14th, they discovered that the computers they has taken from many of the Hunters they had killed had turned themselves on. On the screens was the repeating message, “The Saint has been alerted.” From questioning two Hunters that Christian had ghouled and blood-bonded, the Coterie learned that this program was designed to run automatically when emails were not sent every two days from hunters’ computers to their superiors. The ghouled Hunters suggested that the Saint referred to was likely Saint Gregory himself, head of the order of the Brothers of Saint Gregory — a sixth century Pope who still hunted vampires, according to legend.

Faced with this news, the Coterie decided to lay a trap. They took all the computers they had to a warehouse, while Nyah researched a spell to hold any Hunters that might try to retrieve the computers. At the same time, Nyah, who had begun bonding Anne Brown, learned that keeping Anne bound would slow her progress with the Ordo Dracul. Having set their trap, the Coterie retreated to a building nearby to watch the warehouse, while Cassandra left to go to La Croix’s library. She did not make it far. She was quickly attacked by a pack of six hounds, and only escaped by turning to mist.

On their way back to the church, they found two fledgling vampires feeding downtown without permission. These new kindred met a grisly fate. The Coterie then returned to the Basilica, where they were besieged. Rowan, who was trying to visit the Basilica, was caught in the siege and killed.

The Coterie snuck out of the Basilica through the labyrinth to Elcott’s haven, where they learned that he, too, had been killed. They then tried to sneak through the park to take the waiting Hunters by surprise. Unfortunately, Alexandra was clumsy, and set off a car alarm, alerting the Hunters. This led to a massive battle between the Coterie, five hounds, four Hunters, and Saint Gregory himself. This fight went badly for Cassandra, who only barely managed to make it to safety before falling into torpor. In fact, the Coterie as a whole only survived because the police, alerted by Christian, intervened in the nick of time. Fleeing the scene, the Coterie has now hidden themselves in Sylvia’s penthouse haven.



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