Baptism by Fire

The Assembly

Having utterly destroyed Rebecca Lovelace’s establishment, the Coterie, Brenna Foley, Rowan Tate, Simon Elcott, and Tama Oshiro met in an emergency meeting to discuss the new Kindred power structure in the Twin Cities. In a strategic move, Tama immediately announced that she would not take the position of Prince, thereby making a concession to the alliance of Nyah Abidemi, Cassandra, Brenna Foley, and Rowan Tate. Instead, she recommended that the city be ruled directly by the Primogen Council. The assembly voted unanimously to adopt that proposal.

After no little discussion, it was decided that the Council would consist of eight Regents. Those regents are to be: Brenna Foley in the Southwest Outlay, Francis La Croix in the Northeast Outlay, Grace Valentine in the Southeast Prefecture, Rowan Tate in the Southeast Outlay, Tama Oshiro in the Northeast Prefecture, Simon Elcott in the Southwest Prefecture, Anne Brown in the Northwest Outlay, and Sylvia in the Northwest Prefecture. In addition, the Assembly decided to place a young, unknown vampire, Alexandra Kristov, on the Council as the Ninth Council Member.

Other titles were further determined as follows: Cassandra was named Sheriff; Christian Starbuck was named Herald; Tama Oshiro and Simon Elcott would retain the titles of Seneschal and Master of Elysium, respectively. No other titles besides Primogen, Sheriff, Herald, Seneschal, and Master of Elysium are to be recognized in the Twin Cities under the new council.

Finally, other decisions were made. These included the decision to make Anne Brown subject to Nyah Abidemi via the Vinculum. This will place Anne under Nyah’s control and make her subject to the Coterie; it also makes Nyah responsible for Anne. The Assembly further decided that there would be monthly meetings of the Council unless an emergency meeting is called by the Herald, and that each Regent is responsible for progeny in their own domain. All other traditions are to be maintained, and disobedience may result in exile or the final death, decided on a case-by-case basis.

With the new government formed, the Coterie left St. Mary’s only to be met by two black vans and flying crossbow bolts…



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