Baptism by Fire

The Intervening Week

Character Actions

Cassandra spent the week using Animalism to train rats to report to her whenever they encounter a human or vampire in the labyrinth, and to train crows to report to her when they encounter a black van. She has also been meeting with Brenna Foley to learn more about the resistance and what is needed of her. From Brenna, Cassandra leanred that the battle for control of the Twin Cities would begin soon, and that it would be violent. Human cannon-fodder would cover the vampires’ fighting…

Christian Starbuck spent the week developng contacts with the Mayor’s office.

The group as a whole also dealt with the captive moral Bishop, Benjamin Kent. From Kent they learned that he follows orders from Micah. Micah gave Kent the location of both Isaac Kerr’s Haven and Simon Elcott’s Haven. Kent called in the Hunters at Micah’s request — he thought he could control them, but he was wrong. He was taken by the Hunters after informing them of Elcott’s Haven — they knew he was in the service of Vampires, and they were planning to take him to Rome before the PCs came along


  • Wednesday, October 5th: New Hunters arrive in the city, police everywhere.
  • Friday, October 6th: Occupy Minneapolis sets up in Loring Park; Scuffles between protesters and police
  • Saturday, October 8th: Riots beginning in Loring Park sweep the city. Elcott’s Haven burns.
  • Sunday, October 9th: Riots continue; National Guard moves in.
  • Wednesday, October 12th—Part Two, Chapter One begins.



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