Aaron Nash

Daeva Priscus, North-East Outlay Regent


Clan: Daeva
Covenant: Ordo Dracul
Embrace: 1852
Apparent Age: 30
Blood Potency: 5


Aaron Nash is a relative newcomer to the Twin Cities, having arrived in 1965, only three years before the Rebellion that brought Rebecca and Isaac to power. He laid low during that period, however, and when the smoke cleared he found that he was the eldest Daeva in the region. It took only a decade for him to be named to the Primogen Circle and granted his domain—mostly because he had deserved it that entire time.

Nash is a fixture at the First Avenue Elysium, where he seduces young clubbers. No fool, though, he only feeds in his haven. Enough young people disappear after shows in downtown Minneapolis that he raises no suspicions.

Nash is hedonistic and morally shallow. Yet he is intelligent and cunning, and rules his domain with absolutely no sentimentality. Though he is a relative newcomer to the Cities he is determined to hold his position. His subjects appreciate his hands-off attitude and love of sensuality—so long as they follow his lead and do not threaten him, he enjoys joining in even their most brutal pursuits.

Aaron Nash

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