Alexandra Kristov

Sylvia's Descendant and Rebecca's Pawn


Clan: Mekhet
Covenant: none
Embrace: 2011
Apparent Age: 21
Blood Potency: 1


Until recently, Alexandra was a 21-year-old college student majoring in Anthropology. On September 3oth she were walking home from the University of Minneapolis when she was violently abducted by a beautiful but cold vampire: Rebecca Lovelace. She has since learned that Rebecca is the most powerful Vampire in the Twin Cities. Since then Alexandra has been held by Rebecca and Micah in Rebecca’s underground lair. She has been fed the blood of living victims, and have also been forced to drink Rebecca’s blood on two occasions since her change.

Though Alexandra feels an unusual affection for Rebecca, a bond bordering on obsession, she senses a religious fanaticism about Rebecca that frightens her. She senses that Rebecca could be dangerous, and thus Alexandra is conflicted, torn between fear and affection for the creature that has treated her with such casual cruelty.

Alexandra is one of Sylvia’s few remaining descendants, and now she has become Rebecca’s progeny…

Alexandra Kristov

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