Anne Brown

The new North-West Outlay Regent


Clan: Mekhet
Covenant: Invictus
Embrace: 1941
Apparent Age: 25
Blood Potency: 3


Anne Brown was embraced the same year that Japan attacked Pearl Harbor. Though born to vampirism in war, we came fully into her unlife in time of prosperity in America following World War II. She is materialistic and vain, entirely given to luxury, and her power and wealth was solidified in the days following the war.

Anne was born and raised on the East Coast, married, and followed her husband to Minnesota when he got a job there. When America entered the war he enlisted; Anne was embraced by Simon Elcott almost immediately after he left. Anne’s husband came home to a wife utterly changed — she fed from him and killed him the same night he returned. She and Simon made it look like an accident, and she took control of all his assets. Since then she has changed legal names twice, shifting her funds along the way, and by using the ability to read the minds of business leaders she has become wealthy indeed.

Anne Brown

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