Brenna Foley

Gangrel Priscus, South-West Outlay Regent


Clan: Gangel
Covenant: Carthian
Embrace: 1803
Apparent Age: 27
Blood Potency: 5


Brenna Foley is an Irish immigrant who came to America as a moral child in 1783. Over the next 20 years she lost both parents and her brother to Smallpox. Whether or not she would have succumbed to the disease is an open question, as she was embraced the night of her father’s funeral. Since then she has roamed the night, seeking purpose.

Brenna like many of the other elders in the twin Cities, followed expansion west and settled here. She came to the area in 1904. As a Carthian it has sometimes been difficult to find a place in Kindred politics in the region, especially given the explicitly religious nature of Rebecca’s reign. As a Regent of an Outlay, however, she welcomes the unaligned. Hers is the only domain in the Twin Cities in which certain (though by no means all) desirable feeding grounds are open.

Brenna Foley

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