Ex-hippie who finally connected to nature... nature truly red in tooth and claw.


Player: Kelly

Clan: Gangrel
Covenant: Ordo Dracul
Embrace: 1967
Apparent Age: 23
Blood Potency: 1


Cassandra was embraced when she was in the rain forests of South America working as an environmental activist. She was turned by the curious but aloof leader of a small coterie that prowled the forest. She stayed with them for thirty-five years, increasing in skill, power, and brutality. In 1997 she left the jungle and came north, seeking to become better and stronger as a vampire by learning new abilities and further developing the ones she has. She found her way to Minneapolis in 2005; since then she has rapidly made a name for herself and was granted territory in the North-West Prefecture by Micah.

Cassandra has no connection to her mortal life beyond a desire to protect the wild places – places she can find even in such an urban setting. She has little property and maintains only a small, secret Haven – a dumpy apartment in an abandoned tenement – though she often sleeps in the soil. Those mortals who see her in her animal form, a large black puma, rarely live to report the sighting.


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