Christian Starbuck

Businessman and criminal.


Player: Dave

Clan: Ventrue
Covenant: Invictus
Embrace: 1929
Apparent Age: 23
Blood Potency: 2


Christian Starbuck (born: Clayton Marano; alias: Preston Burlingham) is currently a vice-president at Ameriprise Financial. He was not always so successful as a criminal, however. Born in Chicago in 1905 to a poor family Christian fell in with gangsters early in his life. A small-time hood he was quick to anger, but loved his family. It was a tragedy for him when they were betrayed by the mob, and he knew that he would have to gain the power to protect himself.

Christian served his sire, Robert Vita, as a mortal without knowing he was a vampire. Vita was a banker for the mob in Chicago, and as a sire he was controlling and coarse, though he gradually developed patience and taught Christian to be successful as a vampire. Not forgetting his desire for power, Christian went into politics rather than organized crime, subverting the system for his own gain through bribery and corruption.

Christian came to Minneapolis in 1970 and has been working to consolidate his wealth and power there ever since. HE is motivated by a lust for power above all else, and he is attracted to luxury. He keeps his Haven in a large luxury apartment, and he is served by a ghouled retainer named Ernie Hudson, who poses as his bodyguard and driver.

Christian Starbuck

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