Francis La Croix

New Ordo Dracul Elder


Clan: Daeva
Covenant: Ordo Dracul
Embrace: 1899
Apparent Age: 28
Blood Potency: 3


Francis La Croix was a physician and a soldier in his mortal life. As a physician and as a member of the Ordo Dracul, he is motivated as much by the desire to understand his condition as to overcome it. He is the Childe of Aaron Nash.

Born in France in 1871 to a powerful and cruel father – a French Parliamentarian – La Croix left home to study medicine at Yale in 1889. A brilliant student, he finished his course work in only seven years and returned to France, where, in a move designed to forge his own destiny apart from his father’s influence, he joined the military as a medic. In 1899 he was sent to Africa to establish a military presence in Niger with the goal of establishing a colony there and subduing the native Tuareg. Within a month after his deployment in Africa his camp was attacked in a night-time raid, and La Croix was mortally wounded.

He did not fall without bringing down many of his enemies, however, fighting fiercely with an antique broadsword he bought in a market in Casablanca. This earned him the notice of Aaron Nash, who was traveling in Africa seeking adventure and a particular text for his own mentor. Nash embraced La Croix and took him along, first locating the obtaining the tome he sought, then returning to the new world with his progeny. Again La Croix found himself in New Haven studying, this time at the Ordo Dracul Academy of Shadow connected to Yale.

In 1965, Nash and La Croix left the academy in some sort of scandal. Nash brought his library and his student and came to the twin cities, where he quickly established himself. La Croix has lived and worked with his mentor in their North East Outlay haven ever since. Now that ash has suffered the final death, La Croix has inherited his Haven and his library, including the mysterious text Nash brought back from Africa.

Francis La Croix

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