Grace Valentine

New Nosferatu Priscus


Clan: Nosferatu
Covenant: Carthian Movement
Embrace: 1835
Apparent Age: Indeterminate
Blood Potency: 4


Grace Valentine has entirely hairless and bone white skin and elongated limbs and fingers, yet she maintains a poised bearing and speaks with a note of pride. She was born in New York city in 1805, and at the age of twenty-eight she helped found the American Anti-Slavery Society. A writer and an organizer, she was politically radical even in life. Not only did she work for the abolitionist movement as a white woman, but she was a strong and active woman in a male-dominated movement.

She was embraced in 1835 by an unknown Nosferatu for unknown reasons. Quickly discovered by the Kindred community in New York she was introduced to the neo-feudal structure of their politics almost immediately, chastised for feeding in another vampire’s domain. She maintained her democratic and radical political sensibilities in unlife, but she also recognized that agitating from a position of such weakness would quickly lead to her demise. She decided to bide her time. Her early unlife was harsh, for she had no sire and her early missteps meant that no other Nosferatu stepped up to mentor her. As such, she fed in the Barrens and took up with the Unaligned in New York until she left New York to secretly aid the underground railroad in the Midwest.

In 1852 she found her way to Minneapolis and worked with a human group to keep an underground railroad sanctuary safe. She failed in that goal, however. In 1857 the house was raided and Grace was beaten into torpor, only barely managing to hide herself in one of the secret basement chambers. When she awoke one month later the house was abandoned – and haunted by the spirits of murdered slaves. Since then Grace has kept the home as her haven through a series of legal machinations, recently having it declared an historical site.

Grace has continued to speak for Kindred democracy to no avail. She is a friend to Brenna Foley and Rowan Tate, but her early unlife has led her to withdraw from political violence. She did engage in the political strife following the 1968 Rebellion but, quickly making an enemy of Rebecca, Micah, and Caius, she was nearly destroyed. For the next four decades she has maintained a low profile. She is now motivated by the desire for peace and security, but she has never forgotten her early commitments.

Grace Valentine

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