Marcus Cillian Fuchs

Tragic antihero bent on vengence.


Player: Jim

Clan: Gangrel
Covenant: Ordo Dracul
Embrace: 1918
Apparent Age: 35
Blood Potency: 2


Born in 1883, Marcus has been a vampire for ninety-three years. He was embraced in Europe, and came to the Twin Cities in 1970. During the Great Depression he spent some time in Milwaukee, where he secretly tried to protect his remaining family, his mother and two siblings. On one fateful night, however, the three of them were attacked and killed by another vampire. For decades Marcus sought the killer, finally learning that it was an extremely powerful vampire named Caius.

In 1970 Marcus followed his family’s killer to the Twin Cities. Since then he has been biding his time and gaining power, awaiting the time that he can take his revenge. During that time he has become familiar with the region’s vampiric leadership.

Marcus has three driving goals. First, to help break the hold of the Lancea Sanctum over the Twin Cities vampires. Second, to find a way to transcend his vampiric state. Third, and finally, he wants more than anything to see Caius die the final death, a dangerous desire, for Caius is far stronger than Marcus.

Marcus Cillian Fuchs

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