Bishop, Ventrue Priscus, North-West Prefecture Regent


Clan: Ventrue
Covenant: Lancea Sanctum
Embrace: 1858
Apparent Age: 40
Blood Potency: 5


Under the direction of Rebecca, Micah is the religious leader of the Lancea Sanctum. Like the other two Lancea Sanctum elders, Rebecca and Caius, Micah is a believer in the religious dogma of the covenant. In fact he was a priest before his Embrace, a background that suits him perfectly for his current role.

Ironically, however, Micah only truly came to believe after his Embrace. The first born-son of an intensely pious mother, Micah entered the priesthood mostly for her. When she died Micah felt betrayed by the God to whom he had dedicated his life for her sake. He left the priesthood in 1846 at the age of 28 and threw himself into the violence and debauchery of the expanding frontier. Traveling west he came to a stop in the newly established State of Minnesota in 1858 and immediately attracted the attention of a hunting Ventrue. Attracted by Micah’s depravity and tarnished intellect the gvampire Embrace Micah. He was slain soon after, but Micah survived.

Brought face to face with his own evil, Micah rediscovered the faith he had left 12 years earlier, only this time with a new convert’s fervor. He joined the Lancea Sanctum as soon as it came to his attention and studied its secrets with Rebecca and her Sire. He has been a fixture in the religious life of the Twin Cities’ Lancea Sanctum ever since, and he was named Bishop when Rebecca seized power ever since. Micah holds a monthly midnight mass in the historic Basilica of Saint Mary in downtown Minneapolis, which is part of his Prefecture.

Recently, Micah had brought together a disparate groups of vampires unassociated with the Lancea Sanctum for the purpose of propping up the Covenant’s power in the Twin Cities — the idea is that if members of other Covenants support Lancea Sanctum rule, it will be more secure. Whether this gambit proves successful or a liability remains to be seen …


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