Nyah Abidemi

Researcher from an African shaman family


Player: Doreen

Clan: Mekhet
Covenant: Ordo Dracul
Embrace: 1987
Apparent Age: 27
Blood Potency: 1


Nyah Abedemi is among the youngest established vampires in the Twin Cities. As a mortal she was raised in an African family with a shamanic lineage, but with a Western education. Desiring to be a healer, she went to school for medicine in Europe — her impressive intelligence led her to a promising career in research. After school Nyah was offered a job in a Minneapolis research lab, where she worked for only a few years before attracting the attention of the Archbishop, Rebecca Lovelace.

Nyah was given no choice regarding the embrace. She still works in research, though — Nyah keeps a small haven in a storage closet at her old lab, aiding the mortal researchers in exchange for their blood. As a human she wanted to help humanity as a healer; as a vampire she is forced to feed from humans. This is the bitter irony at the heart of her unlife, and it has led her to reject her Sire’s religion and seek a way beyond the vampiric condition.

Nyah Abidemi

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