Rebecca Lovelace

The Archbishop


Clan: Mekhet
Covenant: Lancea Sanctum
Embrace: 1743
Apparent Age: 24
Blood Potency: 7


Rebecca Lovelace was among the first of the Lancea Sanctum to arrive in the twin Cities—she came in 1842 with her Sire, following the Catholic Church. She has ruled in the Twin Cities since 1968. Though it is almost certain that she committed diablerie (the murder and consumption of another vampire) in the course of her rise to power, most agree that her rule has for the most part been fair and even handed—given that one keeps the traditions and laws. More than one elder had arrogantly assumed that his or her power would protect a “minor” transgression only to be staked out for the sun.

Rebecca is a true believer in the religious doctrines of the Lancea Sanctum, and she believes that a peaceful, ordered Twin Cities serves the greater good. She followed the earliest vampires to the area and worked her way up through the hierarchy the patient, hard way. Though ambitious, she truly believed that the 1968 Rebellion she led was for the greater good. As a true believer, she will do whatever is necessary to maintain her position.

Rebecca is supported most directly by Isaac Kerr, the Prisci of the Nosferatu and Regent of the North-West Outlay, and by Caius, her Inquisitor and the Regent of the South-East Prefecture.

Rebecca Lovelace

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