Rowan Tate

Mekhet Priscus, South-East Outlay Regent


Clan: Mekhet
Covenant: Circle of the Crone
Embrace: 1883
Apparent Age: 25
Blood Potency: 4


Rowan Tate is the only member of the Circle of the Crone to have risen to any position of influence in the Twin Cities in its history. That this is so is as much a testament to her strength of will and ability for diplomacy as it is to her power. Though officially discouraged by the Lancea Sanctum’s powerful, the Circle of the Crone has been waxing in influence since the 1960’s. Many neonates are attracted to the neo-paganism the Circle teaches, just as many mortal adolescents are attracted to rebellions expressions of spirituality. Rowan holds power as their representative on the Primogen Circle as much as she represents the Mekhet—Rebecca tolerates her so as not to alienate a large minority of her subjects.

For Rowan, however, membership in the Circle of the Crone is no adolescent lark to be traded in for a covenant more suited to political ambition. Her mother was driven from her small New England home-town as a witch in 1873, when Rowan was 15. already an accomplished practitioner herself, Rowan’s views on the world were deeply colored by that event. To this day she worships the Crone as both mother and protector.

Many of the younger vampires in the Twin Cities often marginalized by the seemingly entrenched power-structure of the territory (though in fact at only 43 years old Rebecca’s reign is still young by Kindred standards). These vampires look to Rowan as Rowan looks to the Crone, as both nurturer and protector—and she takes that responsibility seriously. If Brenna Foley’s Outlay is a haven for the Unaligned, Rowan’s Outlay welcomes religious heretics.

Rowan Tate

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