Simon Elcott

Master of Elysium, South-West Prefecture Regent


Clan: Mekhet
Covenant: Invictus
Embrace: 1901
Apparent Age: 17
Blood Potency: 4


Simon Elcott is both the youngest of the Primogen Circle and the most young-looking. Simon was Embraced when he was only 17 in the first year of the twentieth century. As such he retains the something of the passion of youth and love of novelty that marks the modern age, but these have been tempered by over a century of unlife. He appreciates nothing so much as the finer things in life—not ostentatious shows of wealth or power but true elegance and refinement. Always appreciative of creation, of which he is no longer capable, Simon has been a patron of many of the finest artists to come out of the Twin Cities.

Simon was Embraced in New York City by a vampire much like himself, a former artist who lost the ability to create when she became a vampire. Taken by Simon’s poise and youth at a staging of A Midsummer Night’s Dream in which he played Puck, she stalked and seduced him. After the Embrace, when he found that he could no longer act or create, Simon left New York, as watching the scene from without was too painful to endure. He made his way to the Twin cities during the depression and when the Invictus took control he joined them. Rising quickly through the ranks he was yet young enough to escape the purges of the 1960’s.

When the former master of Elysium left town was exiled for breaking one too many of Rebecca’s laws, Simon was given the position. He has done well, listening to what the Kindred in the territory want and taking pains to give it to them. As Master of Elysium he is given to hosting gatherings in museums and the warehouse district’s art houses, though he also appreciates an appropriately gothic cemetery. Still, when a night at a bar or club seems more appropriate Simon can cut loose with the youngest of neonates.

Simon Elcott

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