Pagan vampire apothecary.


Player: Amber

Clan: Daeva
Covenant: Circle of the Crone
Embrace: 1870
Apparent Age: 19
Blood Potency: 3


Sylvia’s father was an apothecary and she was his apprentice. Embraced at a young age, Sylvia never married; though she has come to enjoy being a vampire, this is something she still regrets.

Her first encounter with the supernatural was during her embrace. Though her sire had been stalking her for some time, he did not embrace her until the night she was brutally attacked by a group of mortals. Her sire drove them off but the damage was done — he had to embrace her or let her die. In life she was happy, and the embrace angered her. She came to resent her sire even though he treated her well. Since then, however, she has come to accept her condition and even revel in the power over the mortal herd it has given her.

Sylvia has always lived in Minneapolis. Her father came to the settlement before it was incorporated in 1867, and she has remained for the one-hundred and forty-one years since her embrace. Though she has no contact with her mortal life she still keeps track of those descendants of her mortal father’s family who have stayed in the Twin Cities. Her sire was one of the elders killed in the 1969 revolt that brought Rebecca Lovelace to power — to this day she does not know who killed him or even what side of the fighting he was on.


Baptism by Fire amhotle