Tama Oshiro

Seneschal, Herald, North-East Outlay Regent


Clan: Ventrue
Covenant: Lancea Sanctum
Embrace: 1897
Apparent Age: 20
Blood Potency: 3


Tana Oshiro is a rising player in Twin Cities in the political scene. Her exotic beauty is matched only by her utter ruthlessness sin bringing death to the sinful, especially those who prey on women. Born to a physically abusive Japanese immigrant, one of Tama’s first acts as a new vampire was to hunt and slowly kill her father.

Those two opposite experiences—years of victimization overcome in a single night of the vicious exercise of power—have colored her unlife ever since. One of her favorite methods for finding victims is to visit the battered women’s shelter in her Outlay. Many of the women who visit there soon receive word that their abuser can no longer harm them. Just as often, though, she uses her charm to tempt violent men to sexual excess, to which she quickly puts an end. She glories in her role as divine instrument of punishment.

Although she is widely rumored t be Rebecca’s lover, and is certainly very close to the Archbishop, her own power and intelligence should not be underestimated. She fled her Sire’s wrath—he feared the Childer who would so easily and cruelly murder her mortal father—and came to the twin Cities at the turn of the twentieth century and soon became fast friends with Rebecca, who converted her to the Lancea Sanctum. Since then she has risen through the ranks, taking risks when necessary and taking cover when advantageous. Her subjects find her both generous and merciless, for she is strict in enforcing the Lancea Sanctum’s laws.

Tama Oshiro

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