The Mischief Pack

The Dominant Pack of Rats in the Labyrinth


Species: Rats
Home: The Labyrinth


The Labyrinth, a system of tunnels beneath the Twin Cities, boasts a huge and complex society of rats, divided along clan lines, which are further divided into tribes, families, and finally, packs. The Bone Chewers are the dominant clan of rats in the Labyrinth, and the Mischief pack is the dominant pack in the Bone Chewers clan. The Bone Chewers in general hold their dominance through size of both individual members and of the clan as a whole. Rats operate more through group intelligence than through individual intelligence, and as such there are no individual leaders among them. Rather, a particular pack will maintain leadership, and the Mischief pack dominates the Labyrinth tunnels.

Recently, Cassandra has made contact with the Mischief pack and entered into negotiations with them. They consider her a friend and ally, and can be relied upon as a reliable source of information. Not much happens beneath the Twin Cities streets that the Mischief pack does not eventually know about.

The Mischief Pack

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