Character Creation Process

There are several steps to creating an immortal Vampire character in Vampire: The Requiem. A good way to creating a character is to think of who the character was as a mortal. What was his job? What was her family situation? How about politics, religion, schooling … ? Now, think of that person as a vampire. This not only gives depth to your character, but helps to establish a background as to why your character was chosen to become immortal.
The characters you create are up-and-coming vampires. Each player character was released from his or her Sire’s tutelage some years ago and they have been given territory as a coterie (a group of vampires banded together for whatever reason). During that time your character has been establishing a haven and just learning to survive as part of an independent (though subservient) group. You’ll want to think about your character’s attitude towards mortals and other vampires, his or her view of what it means to be a vampire, the nature of his or her haven … but much of that will come naturally as you go through the character creation process. The first thing you want to think about is your character’s concept.


Step One – Concept
Step Two – Select Clan
Step Three – Choose Covenant
Step Four – Select Attributes
Step Five – Select Skills
Step Six – Select Skill Specialties
Step Seven – Choose Disciplines
Step Eight – Determine Advantages
Step Nine – Choose Virtue and Vice
Step Ten – Choose Merits and Flaws
Step Eleven – The Spark of Unlife
Step Twelve – Spend Bonus Experience
Step Thirteen – Play

Note that the steps here involve house rules that differ from the standard rules. Where rules conflict, use those found in the Player’s Handbook for Baptism by Fire.

Character Creation Process

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