Aaron Nash’s Estate
Aaron Nash keeps a luxurious home tucked back into a large wooded lot near White Bear lake in the North-East Outlay. It is hidden in the trees with a large patch of woods behind it, with a secure sub-basement and an emergency tunnel leading into the trees. From his Haven, Nash can easily feed at the nearby Myth nightclub and Doc’s Landing bar.

Anne Brown’s Mansion
Anne Brown owns a luxurious, four-million dollar mansion in Golden Valley… under an alias. Built in 1927, it is impeccably maintained. the mansion stands on a sprawling, twelve acre property on Sweeney Lake.

Brenna Foley’s Wood
Brenna Foley does not have any structure as her Haven – instead, she sleeps in the earth in a different area of Bryant Lake Park each night. She does prefer certain areas over others, though, and her favorite is a large stand of trees empty of trails where she can come and go unnoticed. What property she does have is kept in the trunk of her car, which she keeps in a rented parking spot near-by.

Caius’s Cemetery Haunt
Caius keeps his haven in the basement of the caretaker’s house in the Riverview Cemetery in the south of his territory. Specifically, he sleeps in the disused coal-bin, which has locked and reinforced access to the outside. He has made the caretaker and his wife Ghouls; they keep his Haven a secret and watch the premises during the day. Cauis’s basement haunt has a hidden tunnel connecting to the Labyrinth, a secret not even the caretaker and his wife know.

Christian Starbuck’s Apartment
Christian Starbuck keeps a large, luxuriously appointed apartment in the heart of downtown Minneapolis.

Cassandra’s Tenement
Cassandra keeps her small Haven a secret. In fact, it is nothing more than a dumpy apartment in an abandoned tenement where she keep what little propeerty she owns. More often than not, she sleeps in the soil.

Isaac Kerr’s Haunted House
Isaac Kerr maintains a condemned home that is rumored to be haunted. In 1979 a grisly, famous, multiple murder took place in a largely industrial area of the Golden Valley area. Since then the case has not been solved, the house in which the murders took place did not sell, and the property has fallen into increasing disrepair. Kerr has lived in the basement of the house since it was condemned in 1989 – sometimes he has allowed himself to be seen from a distance, a shadowy, fleeting figure, keeping the rumor of haunting alive for each generation.

Micah’s Catacombs
Micah, the Bishop of the Twin Cities, keeps a hidden suite of rooms connected to the catacombs under the Basilica of Saint Mary. Originally a series of rooms for equipment and storage for the crews digging the sewers, they were walled off when the sewers were completed and St. Mary’s was built. Micah discovered them, had a secret passage built from the catacombs to the Labyrinth, and had the rooms luxuriously appointed. This allows him to move from tunnels to Basilica, both accessible from his Haven.

Nyah Abidemi’s Closet
Nyah Abidemi keeps a disused storage closet in the glass-cleaning area of her old research lab, the Minnesota Medical Research Foundation on the University of Minnesota campus. The glass-cleaning area fell into disuse when the Foundation converted all its glass utensils to plastic, and is now all but forgotten in an isolated corner of a sub-basement. It is near an exit stairway, allowing Nyah to come and go unobserved.

Rebecca Lovelace’s Penthouse
The Archbishop keeps the penthouse on the top floor if the IDS Center, the tallest building in Minnesota, from which she can see much of her domain. Extremely secure, this penthouse boasts a private elevator that reaches all the way into the lowest sub-basement of the skyscraper, from which Rebecca has access to the Labyrinth.

Rowan Tate’s Nest
Rowan Tate, leader of the Circle of the Crone in the Twin Cities, keeps a nest across from the Old Salem Cemetery and Salem Park. This nest consists of two separate houses that share a yard. Rowan dwells there with three other acolytes who belong to her Domain; in addition, each keeps two ghouls – one male and one female – who live in the houses and watch the nest during the day.

Simon Elcott’s Mansion
Simon Elcott owns an old brick mansion in the Stevens Square district in downtown Minneapolis. though small compared to some homes in the neighborhood, this mansion is among the oldest buildings in Minneapolis. It stands on a small but intricately landscaped yard in a ritzy neighborhood. Simon has installed a hidden access tunnel into the Labyrinth in the wine cellar.

Tama Oshiro’s Hideout
Tama Oshiro sleeps and receives guests in a suite of hidden rooms in the basement of the Minnesota State Capitol building. These rooms were added during a series of renovations to the building in the early 1980’s – Tama used her mastery of Dominate to force the contractor to add the rooms, a hidden doorway into the Capitol, a passage outside, and access to the Labyrinth – and then used the same power to remove any memory of the hidden suite from the workers’ minds.


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