Setting Overview - Domains and Political Structure

Baptism by Fire is set in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul. The cities boast nearly 700,000 inhabitants; the greater metro area, encompassing 7 counties, has a population of approximately 3,000,000.

The twin Cities undead are ruled by Rebecca Lovelace, an elder of the Mekhet clan and member of the Lancea Sanctum. She calls herself the Archbishop. Her territory is divided into 8 domains known as Prefectures and Outlays. The Twin Cities themselves are divided into 4 Prefectures divided North from South by Highways 94 and 394: the North-West and South-West Prefectures (North and South Minneapolis) and the North-East and South-East Prefectures (North and South St. Paul ). Surrounding these 4 central domains are 4 larger, more diffuse territories known as the Outlays, encompassing the Cities’ suburbs: the North-East Outlay, the South-East Outlay, the North-West Outlay, and the South-West Outlay.

Each of these domains has its own ruler, or Regent, who answers directly to the Archbishop and only to her. These are eight of the most powerful Kindred in the cities. Known as Primogen, together they make up the Primogen Circle, responsible for seeing that the Archbishop’s will is done.


Setting Overview - Domains and Political Structure

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