Step Eleven - The Spark of Unlife

The numbers are assigned and your character is beginning to come to life. Well … unlife. At this point you know your character pretty well: you know his or her lineage, political and religious leanings, abilities, strengths and weaknesses, moral qualities, and even whether he or she has allies or resources. Yet the character is still mostly just words on a page. Now it the time to really bring your character into vivid detail. Answering some of the following questions can help:

  • How old is the character? How old was he when he was Embraced?
  • What was unique about her childhood? Does she have fond memories, or was entering the vampiric night like coming into a brighter world?
  • What kind of person was he in life? Was he gentle or quick to anger? what did he do for money? How have these things changed since the embrace?
  • What was her first encounter with the supernatural? Was she stalked by her sire, or did she hunt the vampires herself?
  • Who was his sire? How did your sire treat him? (Your sire may have been one of the powers in the twin cities listed in Chapter Four, or may be from another city.)
  • What is her Haven like?
  • Does he retain any connections to his mortal life, or is he presumed dead? Does he watch over relatives that have finished their mourning and are moving on with their lives?
  • What motivates her? This is perhaps the most important question to answer. Is the character bent on revenge? If so, why? does she long for her mortal life and seek a way to reverse the vampiric curse? Does he seek power in Kindred society? Answering this question can help you develop plans and guide actions during the game.

A good place to answer these questions is under the “Characters” tab above. (Hint, hint…)

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Step Eleven - The Spark of Unlife

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