Step Five - Select Skills

Similar to Attributes, Skills are divided into Mental, Physical, and Social categories, and you will prioritize each as primary, secondary, and tertiary. Unlike Attributes, however, your character does not have any automatic dots in in any Skill. You get 11 points to spend on your primary category, 7 on your secondary, and 4 to spend on your tertiary.

The same Attribute and Skills categories are usually ranked in the same order—that is, if you chose Social Attributes as primary you will most likely choose social Skills as primary as well—but this is not always the case. For example, a big, beefy man may, despite all stereotypical expectations, prefer literature to football and have attained a graduate-level education specializing in Victorian romances. In this case his Physical Attributes might be primary, but his Mental Skills would be the most developed.

Note also that a character without dots in a skill suffers a dice pool penalty when he or she attempts to perform an action covered by that particular skill. (Dice pools are explained in the next chapter.) the penalty is –3 for Mental Skills and –1 for Physical and Social skills.

Detailed information on Skills can be found here…

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Step Five - Select Skills

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