Step Four - Select Attributes

Attributes are categorized into Mental, Physical, and Social. Each category is assigned a priority, and this priority should reflect your character’s concept. For instance, the “intellectual” would be much more likely to have Mental Attributes as primary than Physical ones; the “seductress” would probably have Social Attributes as primary; and the “ex-military” might be beefy and intelligent but socially inept, with Physical Attributes as primary and Social as tertiary.
Each character automatically has one dot in each attribute. In addition you have a number of dots to spend on attributes that correspond to the categories’ priorities. You can fill in 5 more dots in your primary category, 4 more in your secondary category, and 3 more in your tertiary category. The fifth dot in any Attribute costs two dots to purchase.

The basic attribute classifications are further divided into three subcategorizes: Power, Finesse, and Resistance. Thus, your character has a Mental Finesse Attribute (Wits), a Physical Finesse Attribute (Dexterity), and a Social Finesse Attribute (Manipulation), and so on. Power Attributes are how the character is able to effect his surroundings. Finesse is the characters ability to influence his surroundings. Resistance is the character’s reaction to his surroundings.

Based on your choice of clan, select one of the clan’s two favored Attributes and give your character an additional Dot in that trait.

  • Daeva: Dexterity or Manipulation
  • Gangrel: Compsure or Stamina
  • Mekhet: intelligence or Wits
  • Nosferatu: composure or Strength
  • Ventrue: Presence or Resolve

Detailed information on attributes can be found here…

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Step Four - Select Attributes

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