Step One - Concept

The concept is the starting point of character creation. It will inform your understanding both of the character’s mortal life and of his or her supernatural life stories. The concept can be anything from a simple word or phrase (“seductress,” “intellectual,” or “ambitious politico”) to a more detailed summary (“She was a rich kid who was kidnapped by the a local coterie and used as a blood doll until one of the members of the group became infatuated with her and made her a vampire. Now she is torn between gratitude and resentment for her fate”). Whatever the concept you chose, it should incorporate a central element of the character’s personality or history.

Possible concepts include but are by no means limited to:

  • Tragic antihero
  • Rebellious street rat
  • Hacker
  • Financier
  • Ex-military or ex-cop
  • Artist
  • Disillusioned priest

Feel free to use any of these singly or in combination to whet your creativity. You can also use characters from books, TV shows, or movies as starting points. Whatever your concept, the character will become fleshed out in ways that are uniquely your own through the creation process and game-play.

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Step One - Concept

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