Step Seven - Choose Disciplines

Among mortal kind, ancient tales are told of vampires possessed of superhuman speed, strength and endurance. A discipline is a blood-based mystical skill. Every clan has an array of disciplines, many of which are unique to certain clans or bloodlines.

Disciplines are generally classified as Common (well-known among Kindred and for which more than one clan may have an inherent aptitude), Clan (signature disciplines unique to only one of the five Clans), and Covenant (known and taught by a specific covenant and usually never shared with outsiders).

Each character begins with 4 dots of Disciplines. (This is one more than listed in the rules, which reflects the fact that your character is older than the average starting character.) 2 of these may be allocated as the player chooses. At least 2 dots must be devoted to a character’s clan Discipline, however. The descriptions of clans in “Step Two: Select Clan,” list the Disciplines specific to each clan.

Each discipline can be ranked from 1 to 5 dots, and each dot communicates its own power. The descriptions below list the basic purview of each Discipline—for detailed descriptions consult Vampire; The Requiem pages 114—153.

Detailed information on Disciplines can be found here…
(Note that information on each dot of Discipline is listed in this link, whereas in the Player’s Handbook only the basic descriptions are shown.)

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Step Seven - Choose Disciplines

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