Step Ten - Choose Merits and Flaws

Merits are special capabilities, knacks, and backgrounds that help to flesh out your character. Does he have allies in high places? Is she independently wealthy? Does he have a photographic memory or catlike reflexes? All of this and more is reflected in Merits. Your character has 7 dots to spend on Merits—the 5th dot in any Merit costs 2 dots to purchase.

Merits are divided into three categories: Mental Merits, which add new mental tricks or augment the senses of the purchaser, Physical Merits, which enhance the physical capabilities of the owner or add proficiency in fighting styles, Social Merits, which provide the owner a social network and enhance their dealings with others, and Kindred Merits. For Kindred, Merits are particularly crucial, as they reflect who possesses the coveted upper echelons of vampire society.

Flaws, on the other hand, are somehow tragic characteristics your character has to overcome. Flaws are also divided between Mental, Physical, Social, and Kindred flaws. You may (but do not have to) choose one flaw for your character. If the flaw hinders your character during a story session your character will gain 1 extra experience point for that chapter.

Note that_ all player characters in Baptism by Fire begin with a free 2 dots of Domain_—this cannot be raised by spending Merit dots. In addition each character has the Fealty Flaw, as he or she has sworn fealty to the Regent of their domain—this does not count toward the limit of one flaw that can be taken during character creation.

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Step Ten - Choose Merits and Flaws

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