Step Twelve - Spend Bonus Experience

Your character is older and more experienced than the standard beginning character. He or she has a haven, allies, a coterie, a lord, and a faction. The rest of this booklet will give you numerous ideas for detailing all of that. Up until now, though, you’ve been creating a standard beginning character. Now you can add to the powers your character has developed in his or her several decades of unlife. You do this by spending experience points. As established Kindred in the Twin Cities, your coterie is a relatively powerful one. You have 75 bonus experience points to spend.

Experience points are spent to raise traits, usually as a multiple. For instance, Skills cost “New Dots x 3” to raise—so, if you have a rank of 3 in Brawl and want 4, you would need to spend 12 experience points: 4 (new rank) x 3 = 12.

A good strategy is to focus your bonus experience points on the higher-costing traits. Experience points are hard to come by, and saving enough to raise a Discipline can take a number of game sessions.

Experience point costs are:

Attribute = New dots x 5
Skill = New dots x 3
Skill Specialty = 3
Clan Discipline = New dots x 5
Other Discipline = New dots x 7
Theban Sorcery = New dots x 2
Cruac Ritual = New dots x 2
Merit = New dots x 2
Blood Potency = New dots x 8
Humanity = New dots x 3
Willpower = 8

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Step Twelve - Spend Bonus Experience

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