Step Two - Select Clan

Clans are the most basic social structure in Vampire: The Requiem. All Kindred belong to one of the five clans: Daeva, Gangrel, Mekhet, Nosferatu or Ventrue. Members of each clan inherit a clan-specific array of abilities and weaknesses, from a propensity to excel at certain Disciplines to a weakness or weaknesses inherent to all members the lineage.

The clan you choose will go a long way toward determining what kind of vampire your character is. Each clan covers a broad range of vampiric archetypes. The Daeva, for instance, are both seductive and predatory, evoking the image of vampires who glide through society as debonair hunters. The Gangrel encompass the theme of the lone, savage and brutal hunters. The Mekhet are conspiratorial occultists, vampires who hide in the shadows gathering lore and knowledge while manipulating others from afar. Nosferatu vampires are the alienated or disfigured monsters of legend, while the Ventrue represent vampires possessed of an aristocratic, ‘lords of the night’ sensibility.

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Step Two - Select Clan

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