Welcome to Baptism by Fire, a Storytelling game for Vampire: The Requiem set in the Twin Cities. Here you will find certain information included in the Player’s Handbook you have been given, expanded with useful links and in a convenient internet location. Note that in some important instances the information listed here is not listed in your Player’s Handbook — for instance, under the Character Creation Process page, Step Seven – Choose Disciplines includes a link that shows detailed information on each dot of Disciplines, whereas the Player’s Handbook only lists the basic descriptions of each discipline.

Story events will be tracked in the Adventure Log. Important game information and useful links are found in the Wiki. Important non-player characters are detailed on the Characters page, and players are encouraged to provide background for their own characters there too. Game sessions will be scheduled through the facebook group, and players should communicate with each other there, too.

New as of September 24th, 2011
New features include information on The Labyrinth, a series of underground tunnels beneath the Twin Cities, new descriptions of two Player Characters – Nyah Abidemi (played by Doreen) and Cassandra (played by Kelly) – and information concerning the Havens of the Archbishop, the Primogen Circle, and those Player Characters for which descriptions have been provided.

New as of September 27th, 2011
All Player characters now have entries: Cassandra, Christian Starbuck, Marcus Cillian Fuchs, Nyah Abidemi, and Sylvia. Check ’em out!

New as of October 3rd, 2011
The Adventure Log is updated with a summary of the events of Part One, Chapter One: “The Hunt Begins”…

New as of November 6th, 2011
The Adventure Log is updated with a summary of Part One, Chapter Two: “Into the Fray”…
Also, find a character profile for Alexandra Kristov under the “Characters” tab.

Baptism by Fire

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