Baptism by Fire

Part One, Chapter Three: Fire in the Streets

Third Session

The characters began the night downtown. They found Aaron Nash standing on a makeshift stage at the north edge of Loring Park, making a speech to hundreds of protesters facing off against National Guard troops. Before the Coterie could move the protestors swelled forward and entered into combat with the Guard. Nash was pulled down by Caius, who had been stalking the crowd. The Coterie moved to aid Nash, but they were not quick enough to save him. Caius killed Nash, but he was killed in turn by the Coterie attacking him in a mob. Alexandra Kristov diabalrized him. Meanwhile, the riots spread throughout downtown, spreading fire and looting.

After the fight, as the riots spread, Brenna Foley found the group and informed them that an hour before sundown the police had raided Rowan Tate’s Haven. Her ghouls engage in violent defense of the Haven. Police were dead — and ghouls were, too. The police had moved in again when the sun set; unknown to Brenna, the five vampires inside awoke. In frenzy, they killed the invading police. The total body count: 5 ghouls, 9 police.

With the news that the police have laid siege to Rowan’s Haven, the Coterie moved to her aid, leaving downtown to burn. When the Coterie arrived at Rowan Tate’s Haven they found it surrounded by police. Uniformed police barricaded the front and side roads, and a SWAT team had taken up a position in the back, preparing to move in for a third time. Ghouls and vampires with guns watched from the windows of one house. Inside were Rowan Tate & Simon Elcott with three of Rowan’s Acolytes and eight ghouls. Outside were ten police officers and five SWAT officers.

The group, with Brenna helping, split up to deal with the threat. Sylvia and Christian Starbuck used their mental powers to convince the SWAT team to leave the premises. Nyah Abidemi entered the house in spirit form to scout ahead. Alexandra Kristov slipped into a police car and hacked the computer within, gaining access to the police mainframe. Meanwhile, Cassandra and Brenna battled the police in the streets to provide a distraction while Sylvia, Nyah, and Christian led the besieged vampires and ghouls out of the house.

Having defeated another threat, the whole remaining resistance force was together. Nyah briefly stopped to search Elcott’s Haven, and learned that Marcus Cillian Fuchs had been killed during the raid and that a new group of Hunters was responsible. She also learned that Simon had been meeting with the Establishment vampires — as
a double agent — and she found a route into The Labyrinth.

Moving on to the First Avenue Elysium, the resistance began to hatch a plan. Nyah discovered that Rebecca had been monitoring their progress, but they were still able to draw Tama Oshiro into betraying Rebecca with promises of power in the new Twin Cities. The group then moved to raid Rebecca’s Penthouse Haven, using a secret back way in known to Cassandra and Alexandra, while Christian, Sylvia, Tama, and Simon distracted the waiting group inside by going in the front. More violence left Micah and Rebecca Lovelace finally dead. Tama took Anne Brown into custody for her own reasons.

Now, the Resistance has taken the city, with heavy casualties on both sides. The Twin Cities are in chaos, and it is up to the Coterie to help forge a new order . . .



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